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New Way

Simply drag'n'drop your strategy from a folder on your computer or even directly from a web site to Marketscope.

Old Way

Downloading Indicator

First of all, you should find the indicator you are interested in. There are many resources on the web that provide access to indicators, so you can always google to find them. Hundreds of custom indicators are also available on our Custom Indicators forum, so you can browse and search there as well.

When you have found your indicator, download it. Please read Downloading Indicators and Strategies from Codebase for details on how to download indicators from our website.

Installing Indicator

To install a custom indicator, run the Trading Station 2 application and open Marketscope. In Marketscope, click the Alerts and Trading Automation menu and then click Import Extension:


The Open window will appear. Locate the previously downloaded indicator, select it and then click Open:


The Install Extension dialog box will appear. Click Install:


The Extension has been installed message box appears. No errors must be shown. Click OK to exit. The indicator is added and you can start using it.


Using Indicator

To apply the indicator, in Marketscope, click Insert and then click Add Indicator:


A list of indicators will appear. Locate the indicator you have recently added. In most cases, custom indicators appear in Other category. Select the indicator and click OK. You can also use a Find field above the indicator list to filter the indicators. Type any part of the indicator name, identifier or description into the filter and only the indicator which contains the entered text will be shown.


Set the parameters of the indicator and click OK. To learn how to set indicator parameters, please refer to Indicator Parameters in Marketscope.


That's all. The indicator will be shown on the chart.


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