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The article describes how to choose the proper API to get prices.



Use the ForexConnect API if:

  • You need tick data histories.
  • You need to get only a limited amount of the most recent data (up to 1000 candles) and in the standard timeframes (m1, m5, m10, m15, m30, H1, H2, H4, H8, D1, W1).
  • You need to run your application on mobile platforms (iOS or Android).


- A host application for simple strategies or simple trading robots that do not use extensive history analysis.

- Any mobile application.

Use the Quotes Manager API if:

  • You need a big amount of historical data (such as years of 1-minute history).
  • You do not need account-specific prices and you are ok with generic demo prices.
  • You do not need tick historical data.
  • You need only historical data and you are ok that the current trading day data is not available.
  • You cannot or do not want to use the trading connection in your application.


- An application that loads historical prices and exports them into a 3rd party system.

- Backtesting/Strategy optimization applications.

Use the Price History API if:

  • You have to have a trading connection for other tasks in your application.
  • You need both, tick historical data and a big amount of bar historical data in the standard timeframes (m1, m5, m10, m15, m30, H1, H2, H4, H8, D1, W1).
  • You need to get the same data frequently.
  • You need to get data of custom timeframes.
  • You need to get account-specific data.
  • You need to get the latest data (today's data).


- Charting or technical analysis applications.

- Complex trading robots that use extensive historical price analysis.

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