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The article describes the purpose, advantages and disadvantages of the Quotes Manager API.



The Quotes Manager API provides fast and efficient access to historical price data up to the end of the last trading week.

The Quotes Manager API advantages

  • The new effective protocol allows to transmit big amounts of data faster and with less traffic usage than the ForexConnect API.
  • The caching mechanism allows to keep previously loaded data locally, so, the application will not request the same data again, which also increases speed and reduces traffic usage.
  • Unlike the ForexConnect API that can load only a limited set of timeframes, the Quotes Manager API can load data of any correct timeframe.
  • Loading data via the Quotes Manager API does not require a trading connection.
  • The Quotes Manager API provides any reasonable history (up to millions of bars) as one piece, unlike the ForexConnect API, which returns histories in 300-1000 bar pieces at a time (depending on the server configuration).

The Quotes Manager API disadvantages

  • Only generic Demo prices can be loaded via the Quotes Manager API. To get Real prices, the ForexConnect connection is required.
  • Only bar data can be loaded. Tick data must be loaded via the ForexConnect API.
  • Only price data of the last trading week or older can be loaded. The current trading week data must be loaded via the ForexConnect API and then joined with the Quotes Manager data.
  • The Quotes Manager API requires significant storage space to keep the cached data and additional process time to handle it. This makes the Quotes Manager API available only for desktop platforms, where these requirements are insignificant.
  • The Quotes Manager API is more complex and is not similar to the ForexConnect API, so developers need to learn a new API and/or heavily modify their applications in order to use the Quotes Manager API.

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