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The article describes the purpose, advantages and disadvantages of the Price History API.



The Price History API advantages

The Price History API is an interoperation service between the ForexConnect and the Quotes Manager that provides the following advantages:

  • Using the ForexConnect connection and the Quotes Manager caching mechanism, the Price History API is able to deliver Real prices for the established trading connection with all the benefits (new protocol and local cache) of the Quotes Manager.
  • The Price History API makes transparent routing of the request depending on the type (ticks vs bars) or date range (last trading day or older data, or the current trading day data) between Quotes Manager and ForexConnect and makes all required joining automatically.
  • The Price History API has the interface that is very similar to ForexConnect, so introducing this API in the existing applications or porting the existing application, which uses this API, to mobile platforms, where Quotes Manager is not supported, is much easier than in case of the direct usage of Quotes Manager.

The Price History API disadvantages

The disadvantages of the Price History API comparing with Quotes Manager are:

  • The usage of the Price History API requires an established trading connection.
  • The Price History API is limited to only the standard set of timeframes (t1, m1, m5, m10, m15, m30, H1, H2, H4, H6, D1 and W1).

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