Marketscope Indicator request

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Marketscope Indicator request

Postby scalper007 » Fri Oct 18, 2019 3:38 am

Hello Guys,

I would like a marketscope indicator to be created please. it is a simple job. and i'm expecting a quote from a developer here who can work on it please.

The indicator is a simple one which displays 3 different numbers in the tick chart window.
the indicator contains two MACD and two ZERO LAG MACD in it. the result of these 4 oscillators are calculated for each tick and add them up and display as numbers. there is a simple difference between the three numbers displayed. I don't want the macd/zero lag macd to be displayed as oscillators, only these three numbers expected.

Suppose MACD's are M1 and M2
Zero lag macd are Z1 and Z2
Three numbers displayed are N1, N2 and N3

Ideally for each tick, check result of M1, M2 and Z1, Z2 are negative or positive:
The N1 number will consider only the positive values of these 4 oscillators added and displayed. If any oscillator is negative then it is ignored.
The N2 number will consider only the negative values of these 4 oscillators added and displayed. If any oscillator is positive then it is ignored.
The N3 number does not mind if any oscillator is positive or negative. all 4 oscillators values are added and displayed.

So basically combining two MACD and two Zero lag macd code into one and instead of displaying the results as oscillators, we add their results and display as numbers.

Please let me know if anything is not clear.

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Re: Marketscope Indicator request

Postby Apprentice » Sun Oct 20, 2019 3:59 am

Can you contact me via email mario(.)jemic(@)gmail(.)com
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