Universal Screener/Scanner/Dashboard

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Universal Screener/Scanner/Dashboard

Postby jorgelg93 » Tue Apr 21, 2020 3:40 pm

This is the description of the "Universal FXTS2 dashboard/scanner/monitor indicator" the people on https://appliedmachinelearning.systems/ ... dashboard/ are selling in $20. Does anyone have this indicator? could someone post at least an screen capture of what does the indicator allows to do in real time? I mean, i would like to see the indicator working under any parameter. The description of the indicator displayed on the webpage is the following:

"The indicator display text outputs from other indicators. You can select what indicator to use as a source in the parameters. No recoding required. It’ll read the selected indicator values from different instruments and timeframes you select and display data on the grid. Along with the symbol itself, it’ll show you when the signal was generated.

These kinds of indicators are also known as scanners or monitors."

Does someone have it? or some similar indicator or custom scanner for FXTS2 ?

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