Tick Chart Generator Compatible With Simulator

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Tick Chart Generator Compatible With Simulator

Postby logicgate » Fri Aug 23, 2019 10:56 am

Hi there my friend.

I have installed FXBlue MT4 trading simulator (which by the way, it is very good to test the indicators and practice), and since all custom indicators were working nicely on the charts generated by it, I thought I could finally have some big historical tick chart data files instead of having to wait hours and hours to have something decent to analyze and then start making a collection of historical files. So I loaded a very nice tick chart generator called MathTrader7_nTickChartCreatorEA_beta.ex4 (gonna attach here for you), the indicator loads and seems to be working, I can see it is generating a offline chart file and the file is getting bigger and bigger, so I open the file but there is no price plotted, even though I can see in the time axis that the chart is getting bigger.

I tried another indicator that generate tick charts called TickChart.LogTickData and TickChart.PostTickData v1.1 (and it works, but I don´t like the way it plots the chart, it is too "gappy" and intermittent, and looks almost like a squarewave chart. The mathtrader EA generates perfect bars. Check the screenshots.

Unfortunatelly there is no .mq4 for them, if it were it would be just a matter of tweaking the code to make the TickChart.PostTickData v1.1 to plot a decent looking chart.

Here are the instructions to use TickChartLogTickData and PostTickData:

1.) Open a M1 chart
2.) Attach the TickChart.LogTickData indicator to the chart
3.) WAIT for the first few ticks (the indicator draws a red line)
4.) Attach the TickChart.PostTickData v1.1 indicator to the chart and choose your own preferred ticks per bar on the inputs-tab (50, 144, 233, etc..)
5.) Open the offline chart (file - open offline) !T-SYMBOL M(TicksInBar) - TicksInBar is the parameter of the PostTickData indicator, SYMBOL: chart pair
6.) DO NOT CLOSE the M1 chart containing the both indicators

The MathTrader7_nTickChartCreatorEA_beta.ex4 you just need to copy to the experts folder and load it on a chart, there is only two inputs: name of file generated and ticks per bar. Don´t close the M1 chart you loaded it into.

FXBlue trading simulator:

https://www.fxblue.com/appstore/39/mt4- ... -simulator

You only need to register a login and pass to download and because the simulator is gonna ask you the login and pass the first time you launch it only.

So what I am asking is a tick chart generator that is gonna work on the simulator and gonna plot a chart like the one MathTrader7_nTickChartCreatorEA_beta.ex4 plots, and then I can save the offline charts generated by it.
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