Table Manager Freezing

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Table Manager Freezing

Postby Firebird » Mon Mar 26, 2018 1:11 pm

HI there

I have a VB 2010 front end and a MSSQL 2012 Server back end.

Basically when an instance of the my trading app is started the user selects a FX pair from a choice of 4 which reads in a set of trading parameters from an XML file particular to that pair.

The user will then connect to FXCM using an instance same binary irrespective of the FX pair.

Now in the pastI run 4 instances of the app (one for each pair) and all connect successfully - each build data from ticks and enter and exits trades according to the app's ruleset.

The Binaries are running on Windows Server 2012 R2 in a data centre. Network timings and Firewall rules are all fine. The FXConnect API version is 1.4.1

However recently (without any code changes) I have noticed that it is more and more difficult to get more than once instance of the Binary running.

I get the same on the development platform...

When I break it appears to be waiting in this function...

Private Function GetTable(ByVal tableType As O2GTableType) As O2GTable
Dim tableMgr As O2GTableManager = m_Session.getTableManager()
While (tableMgr.getStatus() = O2GTableManagerStatus.TablesLoading)
End While

Return tableMgr.getTable(tableType)
End Function

The weird thing is that sometimes I can get 3 or the full 4 instances of the app running and sometimes getting one going takes quite some time...

Once running the app is fine

Any thoughts?


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Re: Table Manager Freezing

Postby Andiadm » Wed Mar 28, 2018 9:09 am

Check with FXCM, your account must be enabled for multiple connections, had a similar problem.
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