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Strategy templates

Postby Apprentice » Mon Nov 22, 2010 8:06 am

MCP Strategy Template.lua
Multi Instrument Strategy Template
(13.33 KiB) Downloaded 884 times

End of Turn_Live Execution Strategy Template.lua
(17.68 KiB) Downloaded 1640 times

Entry Order Strategy.lua
(11.89 KiB) Downloaded 1000 times

Tick Based Strategys.
Tick Based Strategy.lua
(18.82 KiB) Downloaded 1075 times

Simple Strategy Templetes
Strategy Template.lua
(18.79 KiB) Downloaded 1796 times

Highly adaptable Strategy Templetes

Simple Signal Template
Simple Signal Template.lua
(3.34 KiB) Downloaded 1293 times

MTF Strategy
MTF Strategy Template.lua
(17.93 KiB) Downloaded 1406 times

Time Close Strategy.lua
This strategy closes all positions, Open and/or Entry , for the chosen currency pair, at entered time
(15.42 KiB) Downloaded 872 times

Delete orders.lua
(2.9 KiB) Downloaded 806 times

MTF MCP Signal
MTF MCP Signal Template.lua
(10.23 KiB) Downloaded 731 times

(14.59 KiB) Downloaded 728 times

Close ALL Strategy.lua
(9.62 KiB) Downloaded 607 times

Strategy will automatically close ALL open positions and cancel all pending orders when the target P/L in PIPs is reached.
Two Instrument Strategy Template.lua
(28 KiB) Downloaded 511 times

Close All Positions Afterwards.lua
(18.98 KiB) Downloaded 517 times

Close Selected Positions Afterwards.lua
(18.67 KiB) Downloaded 496 times
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Re: Strategy Template

Postby maximekaribi » Sun Jan 15, 2012 1:59 pm

how i can add my strategie into this template?
my strategie dont have ¨^allow strategie to trade¨^how i can bactest it?
thanks a lot
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Re: Strategy Template

Postby sunshine » Mon Jan 16, 2012 4:23 am

The template is intended for creating your own strategy. You should modify it for your needs. The template includes common code which can be used in all strategies. Please search for "AllowTrade" in the template to see how this parameter is implemented.

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