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Q: How to get Indicore Integration SDK?

A: Download installation package using this URL http://fxcodebase.com/documents/bin/IndicoreDev.exe

Q: Which languages and operating systems are supported?

A: In the current version C++ and any .NET language (C#, VB.NET, Managed C++) on Win32 (Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7) platform are supported.

Q: Do we plan to support Visual Basic 6.0 or Delphi?

A: No. These languages requires COM technology which is unreasonable resource-consuming and does not provide a simple and convenient way to implement interfaces on host application side. Indicore uses a lot of interfaces to interact with host application, so usage of COM will strictly limit abilities of such API.

Q: Can I use Indicore API in commercial application?

A: Yes. The Indicore API is distributed under very loyal license. All we ask for is to mention that Indicore code is used in the About box or in the application guide. Please, also, do not forget to mention that Lua is used as it is required by Lua's license.

Q: I don't have a copy of Trading Station/Marketscope application. How can I get the standard Marketscope's indicators and strategies?

Please download the standard indicators here: marketscope_standard_indicators.zip

Q: Why do I need to use Indicore API?

A: Well. Implementing of a run-time for indicators and strategies is not a big deal, and you can easily create another one proprietary indicator format. However, nobody is interested in another platform which has 10-20-100 indicator or strategies. The users looks for absolute freedom in choice of the analytical tools and methods. Using Indicore API you can provide an access to hundreds of indicators which are developer for Marketscope application.

Q: I want source codes of the Indicore.
Q: I need help in integration of Indicore into my application.

A: You can contact to Gehtsoft USA development services and discuss all these questions.
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